Rapid Emergency Response

Earthquakes, floods, bushfires, conflict- no matter the situation, Penny Appeal is there.

Since the birth of Penny Appeal, one of our primary goals has been to provide help and support to those who need it most with speed and efficiency. Our access in countries around the world as well as our partnerships allow us to focus on emergency aid efforts such as the food distribution, emergency water supplies & sanitation facilities, temporary shelter, medical supplies and more.

Our teams are among the first to respond and Penny Appeal donors make that possible.

Donate Now to one of our emergency appeals OR select most needed and we’ll help you decide – whatever you decide, know that your small change is making a big difference. You’re helping us save lives.

Latest Emergency

The ongoing struggle for survival has become a continuous nightmare. Donate now.

Civilians are being targeted in the civil war. Emergency Medical Aid, Food packs Ongoing Support.

Syria and Areas
Refugees are suffering prosecution. Food packs, Ramadan Packs, Heaters, Blankets Ongoing Support.

Somalian refugees are being prosecuted and displaced, we provide ongoing support for the families who are most needy.

Rohingya communities are being prosecuted and dispalced, we provide ongoing support for the refugees.

Where we’ve worked.

Recently we’ve responded to natural disasters in Nepal, Somalia and Pakistan, as well as refugee crises in Burma, Syria and Europe, and many other emergencies.

You can see our emergency aid in action in the videos, and donate now so we’re always prepared to help in times of desperate need.