Our Vision is

“A sustainable world through empowered people and strong”

It drives us to ensure the work we do for our beneficiaries has lasting impact, whilst also considering the robustness of the organisation and its practices. It drives us to ensure we are enabling our beneficiaries to care for themselves and not be dependent on charity in the future whilst also considering building the capacity of the team tasked to deliver the work.

It drives us to ensure we are involving stakeholders and bringing people together to better build the societies we serve whilst ensuring we nurture relationships and collaborate for greater productivity.

It is “Team Work That Makes The Dream Work”, after all.

Our Mission is

To deliver short and long term interventions to needy communities with competence and compassion. To develop a knowledgeable, empowered leadership team by Penny Appeal.

To ensure welf reliance and sustainability in the communities we serve wherever possible. To engage with the community and in the sector to build capacity, model best practices and enhance relationships.

To have a significant presence digitally, locally, nationally and globally for programmes and fundraising.

Ensuring balance in our approach is essential. A blend of short-term emergency and long development interventions. A blend of professionalism in practice but compassion in delivery. A blend of leading and role modelling while walking alongside individuals and grassroots and community organisation. A blend between international, national and local action.

Our Values are

Professionalism and passion in our work, Building trust in our team and ambition for our mission. Respect, integrity and innovation in our approach.

We are a team of experienced humanitarians, professionals and social entrepreneurs with desire and yearning to make positive impact in the world we live in. Our values further highlight the balance of passion, ambition and innovation with professionalism, trust, respect and integrity.

We believe in people – our beneficiaries, our donors, our team and our stakeholders. We believe in relationships and building communities.

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