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Our hearts are heavy with the news of the recent air attacks on the Gaza Strip, resulting in the loss of precious lives and leaving many injured and in desperate need of our support.

Let us show our unwavering commitment to standing with the people of Gaza.

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During the blessed month of Ramadan, the heartbreaking news of the attack on Al-Aqsa Mosque, one of Islam’s holiest sites, has left us deeply saddened. Many innocent worshippers have been injured, and our hearts go out to them and their families.

In this time of immense need, we have initiated this campaign to urgently provide medical and food supplies to those affected by this devastating event. Your generous contributions will help ensure that the injured worshippers receive the immediate medical attention they require and support their families with essential food supplies during these challenging times.

Donate to Palestine

The Quran instructs us all to help those in need, and our brothers and sisters in Palestine need us more than ever. The conflict that has been ongoing for so long is still disrupting and ending lives. People are in desperate need of food, water, medical supplies and much more. You can help them. Penny Appeal Australia is on the ground in Palestine, offering vital and life-saving support to everyone affected by the conflict. However, we can’t do it on our own. We rely on the generous donations of our kind supporters to do the work we do. Every amount helps in a situation like this, and even small donations can make a big difference. Make your Zakat or Sadaqah count and donate to Palestine through Penny Appeal Australia.
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Happening in Palestine & How to Donate to Palestine?

The conflict in Palestine has been ongoing for a long time, flaring up more severely at regular intervals. After the 11-day conflict in 2021, we’re now seeing the most serious escalation of violence since then. 44 people have lost their lives, including 16 children. 300 people have been injured. But it’s not only those who have been killed or injured who have been affected. Daily life in Palestine has been greatly disrupted. The people of Palestine live with blockades and restrictions, and many lack access to adequate food, clean water and medical supplies. More than 1.5 million people are food insecure. More than half of the population is unemployed. Everyone in Gaza is at risk of severe illness and death from unsafe drinking water. Many children are unable to attend school. As if that wasn’t enough, they live under the constant threat of violence and attack. This has only been compounded by the pandemic, with hygiene and medical supplies being severely lacking in conflict-affected areas. Palestinians are fighting for the right to their own land and sacrificing themselves in the process. Now 80% of people in Gaza, and almost everyone in the West Bank, are dependent on some form of humanitarian aid. You can provide them with that if you choose to donate to Palestine.

The Best Way to Donate to Palestine – We’re Here to Help

The best way to donate to Palestine for those in Australia is to donate to Penny Appeal Australia. We have been responding quickly to the situation in Palestine, focusing in particular on helping the most vulnerable, including women, children and the elderly. Our work in Palestine has taken many forms as we have identified the needs of the people. We’ve provided them with food, water, medicine and hygiene and testing kits for COVID-19 not only to Palestine but we are running various campaigns such as donate to Yemen and donate to Lebanon. We’ve also distributed olive trees, provided mobility support to the disabled and established income generation projects. Our work is life saving and helps Palestinians live with dignity.

Donate Money to Palestine Today!

Palestinians need our help. Whatever you have to spare can go a long way in providing them with the necessary supplies to stay alive and continue fighting for their rights. With only $100, you can feed a hungry family. Donate money to Palestine through Penny Appeal Australia by using our website.
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“The believing men and believing women are allies of one another. They enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong and establish prayer and give charity and obey Allah and His Messenger. Allah will have mercy upon them, for Allah is Almighty and Wise.”

(Quran: 9:71)

The least we can do is sacrifice our money to help Palestine!

Our Palestinian brothers and sisters are sacrificing their lives daily to protect their rights and land. The least we can do is support them financially to be able to survive these very tough conditions. Penny Appeal Australia is working fast to reach as many Palestinians in need through the distribution of urgent food packs, water and medical supplies.

No Amount is too Small!

Sacrificing financially to help the children and families of Palestine is a must on every Muslim. Help us send urgent aid to support innocent Gazan civilians today!

More than 1.5 million Palestinians are food insecure and lack the resources to put substantial meals on the table.

The suffering continues for the people of Palestine as hunger, poverty and conflict continue to significantly strain an already ailing economy.

The population continues to face significant humanitarian and protection challenges that include a continuing need to support more than two million Palestinians experiencing a constant threat to survival in the form of conflict, violence, displacement, and a denial of access to employment livelihoods and education.

More than 50% of the population is unemployed and nearly 2.1 million people, the entire population of Gaza, are at risk of contracting waterborne diseases such as diarrhoea and dehydration due to a water crisis created by the ongoing blockade.

As the West Bank is almost entirely dependent on some form of humanitarian aid for survival, experts say that the current airstrikes in Gaza will only compound the crisis, with more than 2 million Palestinians under blockade since 2007, leaving 80% of Gazans dependent on some form of humanitarian aid.

We Can't do it alone

We Can’t do it alone

Help us support those who are most vulnerable including women, children and the elderly. Don’t hesitate to send aid to our brothers and sisters in need!
Could provide urgent food to a hungry Palestinian family.

The Prophet (PBUH) said, “The believing men and believing women are allies of one another. They enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong and establish prayer and give charity and obey Allah and His Messenger. Allah will have mercy upon them, for Allah is Almighty and Wise.”



Humanitarian needs continue to be driven by the conflict and recurring violent clashes leave many Palestinians struggling to live a life with dignity.

The mobility restrictions imposed since the outbreak of COVID-19 amplify the impact of a declining unemployment rate, and increase the number of children unable to access an education or attend school.

Take Change. Give

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Help deliver urgent medical supplies and food monthly
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Deliver food and medical provisions monthly to 25 Palestinians in Gaza
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Deliver Medical Equipment to hospitals that are understocked, with limited accesses to life-saving machines

How You Can Help

Penny Appeal Australia is rapidly responding in the West Bank and Gaza. Thanks to the generosity of donors, we’ve distributed thousands of olive trees, helped provide mobility support to disabled Palestinians, established income generation projects and delivered urgent humanitarian aid assistance including immediate relief in the form of food, water, medicine and COVID-19 hygiene and testing kits.

Our team urgently needs your support to help continue our life-saving work within these regions. Every single penny counts.

Use your Zakat and Sadaqah to save lives TODAY!

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