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Your generous gift of $30/month can help support an orphan child.

Support a Child in need

When calamity hits, children often suffer the most. Over half of the refugees around the world are children. These children are growing up without a home and have often witnessed terrible situations such as war. There are more than 153 million orphans worldwide, and it’s estimated that this number grows by 5,700 children every day.

These vulnerable children often lack a guardian to care for them properly. They grow up in poverty, without access to education, healthcare, food, or warm clothing. They’re missing out on a happy childhood, and their chance for a successful future is very slim.

You can help these children by joining our Child Support Program!

Help us build a brighter future for orphans and children in need by donating just $1 a day.

Support an Orphaned Child Today!

Every donation helps change a child’s life for the better, forever. This beautiful form of Sadaqah Jariyah will help provide an orphaned boy or girl with nutritious meals, clothes, healthcare, education, a dedicated guardian and a loving home to grow in.

A small donation of just $1 a day or $30 a month will make all the difference to a child in need.

Your donation will help break the cycle of poverty for a child. Your support will turn vulnerability into strength, giving a child in need the tools they need to succeed in the future.

Anas ibn Malik (RAA) said, “I never saw anyone who was more compassionate towards children than Allah’s Messenger (PBUH)”.

We Can't do it alone

We Can’t do it alone

Your Sadaqah and Zakat can help save lives!
Where Most Needed

Helping Children around the World

Our Child Support Appeal helps care for children throughout Asia and Africa. We are currently working with vulnerable children in seven countries, including Lebanon, Palestine, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sudan, and Senegal.

Your donations will help lift children out of poverty and give them their deserved opportunities.

Support programs for orphans and vulnerable children

Helps sustain an orphan for one month
Helps provide medical checkups to orphans
Provide 3 orphans with needed support

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