Zakat al Fitr

Pay Your $10 Zakat Al Fitr for each person in your household before Eid prayer. (Closed)

Zakat al Fitr in Australia

Zakat al Fitr often called Fitra, is a charitable donation equal to the price of one meal. It’s traditionally given before Eid al-Fitr prayer. By sacrificing the cost of one meal per person in your household, you can provide so much more for the poor and needy. Men, women and children living in poverty depend on the charitable donations of those who have been blessed with good fortune.
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For those who can afford the Zakat al Fitr in Australia, it’s an opportunity to share a piece of excess wealth and help those who are most in need. 

The price of one meal is estimated to be roughly $10 and every Muslim who fasts the month of Ramadan must pay their Zakat Al-Fitr at the end of the Holy Month.

Donate Zakat for Ramadan through Penny Appeal Australia. Share your blessings with women and orphans who may not have had a nutritious meal in a long time. Help us provide for those who have been long neglected and need a helping hand to not only survive but to reach their potential.

Zakat al Fitr Australia – Helps Struggling Communities Thrive

Penny Appeal Australia ensures that your Zakat Al-Fitr is spent on those most vulnerable. We want to ensure that no one is left without on Eid. We prioritise orphans, widows and the elderly and those most in need when distributing your Zakat Al-Fitr. By donating your Zakat Al-Fitr to Penny Appeal Australia, you can rest assured that we distribute your Muslim charity Australia to the places where it is most needed. We use data from our local partners on the ground to deliver your Fitra donations to those most disadvantaged.

“Make sure no one goes hungry this Eid. Donate your Zakat Al-Fitr this Ramadan”.

Zakat Ramadan – Be the Change You Want to See in The World

Millions suffer every day from a lack of food and water. Pollution and climate change cause disaster in areas that aren’t equipped to cope. Generational poverty condemns people through no action of their own. And all they need is an outstretched hand.

Your Zakat Al-Fitr can help make a person happy on Eid Day, please donate your Zakat al Fitr through Penny Appeal Australia.

Without your generosity and charitable sacrifice of the cost of just one meal per person, we cannot deliver assistance. Every donation matters and every penny counts. Help us to carry on our vital work.

Help orphans receive nutritious food and education that will improve their prospects. Help mothers feed their children and farmers grow the crops they need to sustain their communities.

Let us work together to deliver vital supplies to those afflicted by natural disasters, war and famine. Penny Appeal Australia runs multiple appeals and campaign in Australia to make a big difference to the work. Our campaigns include:

Donate Zakat al Fitr now to join our community in Australia, defending the vulnerable and sharing excess.
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Zakat Al Fitr (also called fitra or fitrana) is given before Eid Al-Fitr prayer. It is equal to the price of a saar or one meal, which is estimated at $10 per person and given on behalf of every member of the family.

Pay your Zakat Al Fitr on time in an under a minute!


Zakat Al Fitr for 1 person

Ibn Abbas reported: The Prophet (PBUH), obligated Zakat al-Fitr as purification of the fasting person from vain talk and misbehavior, as food for the poor. Whoever pays it before the Eid prayer, it is accepted as Zakat Al-Fitr.

— Sunan Abi Dawud

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