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The Prophet (PBUH) said, “Water is the best charity”. Build a Water Well today to earn continuous rewards from Sadaqah Jariyah.

Clean Water Charity in Australia

Access to clean drinking water is a human right. It’s one of the most basic necessities we need to stay alive, without which we don’t even survive as long as we do without food. And not only do we need water to drink, but we also need it to cook, clean, wash, grow crops and much more. Despite this, billions of people in vulnerable communities around the world don’t have easy access to safe water. This huge problem ends lives, and it’s only getting worse as the population grows and our climate changes. But there is something you can do to change this. You can donate to a clean water charity in Australia that works to provide access to safe water for those in need, such as Penny Appeal Australia. When you donate to Penny Appeal Australia, you contribute to build a water well Sadaqah Jariyah for communities that don’t have access to hygienic water, and you save lives. You can also rest assured that your money is going to a good cause, as we operate ethically and transparently. We make a big impact with small amounts of money, and you can help us do that.
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Charity Water Australia – Donate Today!

Get in touch today if you want to donate for clean water charity in Australia as 17 countries around the world, which are home to a quarter of the world’s population, are water-stressed. In fact, only 75% of the world’s population has easy access to a safe water source, free from contamination and located on premises. That means over 2 billion people do not have access to safe, clean drinking water. They have to use water sources which are contaminated with faeces, arsenic, fluoride, nitrate, pharmaceuticals and pesticides. This leads to illnesses such as diarrhoea, cholera, dysentery, typhoid and polio, which cause an estimated 485 000 deaths every year. 80% of illnesses in developing countries are caused by unsafe water. Did you know that children under five are 20 times more likely to die from these illnesses than from conflict? That’s over 5,000 children every year. Meanwhile, women and girls spend 200 million hours every day carrying heavy jugs of water over large distances in attempts to keep their families alive. They can walk over six kilometres, barefoot on uneven ground, carrying 18 kilos of water. Something has to change. 

Let’s Fix it with Water Charity in Australia

Penny Appeal Australia is a diverse Muslim charity Australia, identifying where we are needed and running multiple campaigns and appeals including Zakat al Mal, Zakat al Fitr, Qurban donation, and Ramadan Donation to support various causes. The need for safe drinking water is one of the issues we are most passionate about. We build water wells with hand pumps to ensure communities get access to the water they need. We also contribute to solar-powered water and power centres which provide communities with both water and electricity. In addition, we build deep-tube water wells in Malawi. Lastly, at Penny Appeal Australia we often send clean drinking water tankers in times of emergency, like what is happening in Pakistan right now, where a swift urgent solution is needed to provide clean drinking water. What we do contributes to sustainable, long-term solutions. This work helps communities thrive and saves lives, and you could be part of it. You can choose a one-time donation or a monthly donation and even pay for the full cost of building a well. Donate to our charity for water from Australia and help us change lives.
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Globally, 5,000 children die from drinking dirty water every day. 785 million people in this world do not have access to safe, clean water, that’s nearly 1 in 10 people worldwide. In developing countries, around 80% of all illnesses are due to contaminated water and poor sanitation.

Donate today to bring safe, clean water to communities around the world. Remember, a small change can make a big difference!

  • Thirst Relief Hand Pumps and Deep Water Wells

Building a well is an excellent way to honour the memory of a loved one. Help save lives by providing communities with access to clean, safe water starting at $450 per well.

  • Solar Powered Water and Power Centres

We’re innovating by harnessing the power of the sun to provide water and electricity. This incredible feat of engineering can provide water and electricity to entire communities.

  • Deep-Tube Water Wells

We are building Deep-Tube Water Wells in Malawi. These water stations are long-term solutions for water sustainability that will provide thousands of people with access to clean and safe water.

Bring Thirst Relief to Those in Need

Clean water could save thousands of hours of walking to collect water. Children are usually given the task of fetching water in vulnerable communities and many have to drop out of school to perform this dire task. The water these children collect often carries diseases that can make everyone in the family sick.

With proper sanitation and easy access to fresh, clean water, communities can flourish and people everywhere can enjoy a happier, healthier life. Our Thirst Relief Appeal provides clean water to communities in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East by building deep wells, setting up Solar Panel Water and Power Centres, and providing sustainable water and hygiene solutions.

A monthly donation of as little as $80 could build a well for a community in need – This is only $2.60 a day!

With your Thirst Relief donations, you’ll be providing entire communities not only with the simple gift of clean water but also a pathway out of poverty. Dependable access to safe, clean water means that drinking, cooking, washing, watering crops, hydrating animals and making wudu no longer comes with the threat of disease or hardship.

It also allows women and children fetching water to do so with ease, instead of having to travel for miles, carrying heavy buckets of dirty, contaminated water. This saves them time and effort, giving them the chance to go to school, work or spend time looking after their families.

Donate a well today to bring clean water to thousands of people!

The Prophet Muhammad (saw) said: “The best charity is giving water to drink.”


Sustainable Water Solutions

Our Solar Water and Power Centres are a sustainable answer to the water crisis in many of the countries we help.

We’re using sustainable, green technologies to bring clean water to people in need. Our Solar Water and Power Centres supply water to the homes of up to 1,500 people and 1,000 livestock, as well as supplying electricity and power to schools and mosques!

Our Solar Water and Power Centres supply people with a reliable source of water right within their communities, so they no longer have to travel great distances to collect water or rely on questionable water sources for drinking and washing. Equipped with large water tankers, capable of holding large quantities of water, these wells ensure that fresh water is readily available for everyone throughout the community. People can easily pump water from the tank through a solar pump, eliminating any difficulty in the process of gathering water.

A Solar Water and Power Centre costs $31,175 to build. You can however donate $240 a month and we will team you up with other generous donors so you can support these communities together!

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We Can’t Do It Alone

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