Dare to be you

Dare to be


From cutting up and juicing oranges at our stalls to helping out at special events, your time is
SO important to us but before we go on, we want to put it out there…

If you haven’t already noticed,

we aren’t like your average charity organisation.


Sarib Hussain.

He’s our Brand Ambassador and Challenge Coordinator. Having travelled to refugee camps and orphanages across the world, Sarib’s mission is to inspire and provide plenty of opportunities for you to not only contribute to good causes, but also push yourself to new limits.

Whether it involves participating in fun events and activities at a local level; or taking your volunteering journey overseas and undertaking challenging trips to places on your bucket list, Sarib is your go-to man..

it’s not about commitment to us,

it’s about commitment to the cause.

Time is super precious, we get that. We know how important YOU-time is, we do it too which is why we’re
openly putting it out there – we won’t judge you if your availability is limited.

We just want you to be honest about it.


To some of you, it’s just a colour but for us it’s a movement, a family.

Know that your individuality is what will take us further.
No matter where you hail from or why you’re here, there’s a place for
everyone in #TeamOrange.

You play an important role – no matter how big or
small – in ending the cycle of poverty. Don’t be intimidated by that.

You were born to stand out.













Out of the ordinary





one family.

We’re a family made up of individuals who’ve come from different backgrounds, religions and walks of life.

No matter what it is that brought you to this point, know that we’re happy to have you and that YOU play an important role – no matter how big or small – to
ending the cycle of poverty.

what kind of volunteer would you be?

The Random Do-Gooder

You want to make a difference but don’t really have much time (which is ok!). You’re happy to be contacted for small time gigs every now and then and lend a hand on occasion but when you say you’ll do something… you mean it.

The Passionate Energizer

You sleep thinking about how you can do something extra to make a difference. You’re the one to call whenever we need all hands on deck and you’re not afraid to take charge and make things happen.

The Constant Champion

You have no off switch. From getting creative, to standing at stalls, to participating in challenges and managing events – you’re so dedicated, you have no problem stepping up and have a zero flake factor – (we love you!).

Volunteer Sign up.

We’re so happy you’re signing up! The minimum age for our volunteers is 17 and up. We’re open to people from all backgrounds, faiths and walks of life who wish to join for different reasons but know that this is just the first step to becoming a volunteer and joining the #teamorange fam.

Once you’ve filled out this form, we’ll notify you of the upcoming induction event(s) which you’ll need to attend before you can start.

Ready? Go.

Click here for Volunteer Form

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Why do we need #TeamOrange (volunteers) at Penny Appeal?

Volunteers are an essential part of what we do here at Penny Appeal. We love working with you, our volunteers, because of your passion,  enthusiasm, skills and experience but mostly because we share a  common goal which is doing what we can to break the cycle of poverty.

Every single second invested on your part as a volunteer is crucial to this end goal which can’t be achieved through financial support alone.
Your ideas, skills and time are an invaluable asset to this process
which is why we need to work together with you.

What do I get out of joining Penny Appeal's #TeamOrange?
We could talk about field trips, we could talk about major events with international stars, we could even talk about thrilling challenges of a lifetime but the truth is that #TeamOrange is so much more than that.

We understand that keeping your promises of commitment to some charity organisations isn’t easy – especially if there isn’t much of a return on investment. We at Penny Appeal take this part really really seriously. The #TeamOrange experience isn’t just fun and friendly, it’s impactful and not just for the people we serve. We strongly focus on building you as a person. When you join #TeamOrange, you’ll be joining a family and as your family, our promise to you is that we will do everything in our power to build you up whether it’s with skills, confidence or just… you. We promise to make your #TeamOrange journey beneficial for you in every way and we’ll make sure we’ll have blast doing it.

Does Penny Appeal 'hire' volunteers?
Penny Appeal is one of if not the fastest growing charities in the not-for-profit sector and the charity was built off the hard work and dedication of volunteers who are now staff members working alongside #TeamOrange. But like everyone else, volunteers must go through the same application process, to keep it fair for all.
What if I work full time? Can I still Volunteer?
Yes! Many of our volunteers have full time jobs and find the time to volunteer during the evening or on weekends by helping promote the work that we do online, fundraising, participating in events and even taking part in challenges – there’s so much you can do! Some even get their employers involved.
How many hours will you require me to do as a volunteer?
It depends. There are so many different activities volunteers can participate in, all of which require different amounts of time. We try to work around your availability but appreciate up-front honesty. If there is something you can’t find the time to do or can’t commit to – you need to let us know! Honesty – especially about your availability – is super important!
Can I volunteer overseas and visit some of your field projects?
We do have specific programs set up that do involve taking groups of volunteers overseas to participate in some field work or even just to visit some projects to see the impact of your work and dedication with your own eyes however, we don’t extend that invitation to every volunteer.

These opportunities are offered to the #TeamOrange members that are super dedicated. Don’t take it the wrong way, it’s not just about time dedication, it’s mostly about dedication to the cause. The people we serve are our amanah (responsibility) and if that sounds scary to you, then let’s talk about that. If not, then you’re the person we’re looking for.

How can I get my company/business involved?
There are many ways to do this! Australian businesses can occasionally meet some of their corporate social responsibility goals through volunteer opportunities for their employees by partnering with Penny Appeal. Alternatively, check out our brand partnerships page or ways to give for alternative giving opportunities.


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