When it comes to disasters, there’s no time to waste. The priority is to provide immediate life-saving aid to communities who are impacted.

help save lives when a disaster strikes

When an emergency occurs anywhere in the world, it can have a devastating impact on communities. It may be an event like civil disruption or a sudden natural incident like an earthquake, or an ongoing disaster such as famine or drought. Whatever the crisis, your help can help ease the suffering and assist families.  


Happening Now

Each year, we respond to dozens of new and ongoing disasters, emergencies, and conflicts around the world. We provide humanitarian assistance to thousands of people to ensure they receive food, clean water, healthcare and shelter when they need it most.

The Global Emergency Response Fund functions as a streamlined and efficient mechanism to help Penny Appeal Australia respond to emergencies worldwide.

We Can't do it Alone!

We Can’t do it Alone!

Your Sadaqah and Zakat Can Save Lives!
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