Having access to clean

drinking water changes absolutely everything.

Better Health

Community members don’t have to worry about medical bills and can spend more time working or at school.


Children have hours of extra time to spend with their families, friends AND to go to school.


With access to clean water, they can grow their crops, cook their food and eat without fear of getting sick or starving.

More Income

With access to clean drinking water, farmers can grow and sell their crops, look after their livestock and so much more – this is one of the ways they can lift themselves out of poverty.


1. Once you’ve selected and purchased your Water Well, we send all your details to HQ wo’ll then place order for your beautiful gift!

2. Once our field staff receive the order, they begin scouting and assessing locations.

Depending on where your well is being built, it could take anywhere between 6 weeks to 6 months!

3. Once complete, the field team sends through a progress report which includes images and sometimes a video!

We then send this to you!


People become extremely sick by drinking water that’s been contaminated.

No Education

The amount of time spent collecting water throughout the day means more children are out of school and NOT receiving an education.

No Food

Water affects everything. Without water, we can’t grow crops or look after our livestock – our main sources of food.


Farming is one of the main sources of income in poverty-stricken countries – this among many other things cannot be done without access to clean drinking water.

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