What is Qurban?

Qurban is a religious obligation performed during Dhul Hijjah, where Muslims sacrifice an animal to commemorate Prophet Ibrahim’s willingness to sacrifice his son for Allah. The meat from the sacrifice is distributed to those in need.

How does Penny Appeal Australia ensure that Qurban is Shariah-compliant?

We ensure that all sacrifices meet Shariah requirements, including the weight and age of the animals. Our Qurbans are locally sourced, fresh, and not frozen, and they are delivered on the days of Eid.

What are the prices for Qurban this year?

$79 – Affordable Qurban
$149 – Where Most Needed
$295 – Crisis Countries
$445 – Palestine

Which countries will Penny Appeal Australia be distributing $149 Qurban?

Malawi, Chad, Niger, Myanmar and Pakistan.

What Is Crisis Countries Qurban?

Penny Appeal will be distributing Qurban in emergency zones in Lebanon, Syrian Refugees, Sudan, Turkiye, and Yemen.

Which Countries is Penny Appeal offering sheep or Goat?


What day will the Qurban be performed?

Your Qurban will be carried out during the three days of Eid, specifically on the first, second, and third days. To ensure your offering reaches those in need, we encourage you to make your Qurban contribution as early as possible, and certainly no later than Maghrib on the third day of Eid, which corresponds to the 13th of Dhul Hijjah. Your timely contribution will ensure that the blessings of this sacred act are shared widely and punctually.

How many people benefit from each Qurban?

Each Qurban can feed up to 10 people.

What is the significance of performing Qurban during Dhul Hijjah?

Performing Qurban during Dhul Hijjah is a way to fulfill a sacred obligation, provide relief to those in need, and gain proximity to Allah by sacrificing something precious.

How can I ensure my Qurban is delivered on time?

We recommend placing your Qurban order early to ensure timely delivery. You can order your Qurban through our website or contact our donor care team for assistance.

Can I donate an extra Qurban?

Yes, you can donate an extra Qurban. Revive the Sunnah by donating an additional Qurban on behalf of yourself and another for those who cannot afford to fulfill their Qurban. This doubles your impact and reward.

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