Qurban is the special program which honors the story of Prophets Ibrahim and Ismail and for us at Penny Appeal Australia, it also represents an important humanitarian call to action in our campaign against hunger.

When you donate your Qurban with Penny Appeal Australia, we take your gift of meat for Eid al-Adha where it’s really needed—to people in need in around the world, including places like Pakistan, India, Syria and more. Our teams on the ground around the world are hard at work right through Eid to deliver your Qurban. For some families, it’s the only meat they eat all year. Our brothers and sisters get the meat; and you’ll get the reward, insha’Allah.


The animals used are an’aam animals, such as sheep, oxen, goats, cows, goat buffalo and camel. The animals must be healthy, free from blindness and chronic sickness or disease or from any apparent ailment, and must be of a fit age. We make sure all our animals are in excellent health and sacrificed in the appropriate Islamic way.

Most importantly, 100% of the meat from your Qurban will feed desperately hungry people across the days of Eid al-Adha (“Festival of the Sacrifice”) ensuring they can celebrate and rejoice in the Holy time with their families.

We have been carrying out Qurban for 7 years. In 2016 alone, we provided nutritious meals to a staggering 3.1 million people so trust us to make this year your best Qurban yet.

The Prophet (saw) said: “It is the sunnah of your father Ibrahim (as). For every hair of the Qurban you receive a reward from Allah (swt).” [Tirmidhi]

*Poundage and number of people served are calculations based on approximations, and may vary during specific distributions.

Our Seasonale Qurbani Campaign has now ended, thank you for your generosity, this campaign will open again in 2018