Three children die every minute from drinking dirty water.

Clean Water is one of the most basic necessities in life and yet
more than 660 million people lack access to safe drinking
water. That’s nearly 1 in 10 people or, 30 times the population
of Australia.

We look forward to quenching our own thirst throughout our
long hot summer days, so imagine having to walk for
kilometers in that heat to collect water to drink, and all you
can find is drinking water that can kill you but you have no
other choice but to collect that water.

Through Thirst Relief we’re building wells in 9 countries, providing safe water to drink, wash, clean, to grow crops and to hydrate animals. This can lead to healthier lives, a better chance to go to school or work and a route out of poverty.

Drinking dirty, diseased water is one of the most common causes of death in the developing world – and one of the most preventable – so you could be saving countless lives for years to come.


Give the gift of safe, clean water today.
Reliable access to safe, clean water means that drinking, cooking, washing, watering crops and animals and making wudu no longer pose a risk of illness. This allows those less fortunate a chance to break free from poverty and transform their lives for years to come. Donate Now…


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