Islamic Giving

Charity is a common practice means that someone voluntary giving a help in any kind of form to those in needs.Islam has known this practice since the beginning. Islam saw charity as the form of worship and ways to earn good deeds in Islam. Therefore Islam always encourage muslims to perform it.

Charity is a means to purify our wealth


We work hard to ensure that your Zakat is helping us end the cycle of poverty through long-term sustainable projects and immediate emergency aid and poverty relief.

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A Beautiful Concept. A voluntary act of charity. Sadaqah is a ritual that is performed solely to please Allah (SWT), however, there are plenty of benefits of giving sadaqah as well.

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The virtues of charity in islam

1. Charity is a shelter in the Day of Resurrection
2. Allah promise muslims a reward of doing charity
3. Charity is the third pillar of Islam
4. Charity is a way to pure our wealth
5. Charity will bring us the blessing and forgiveness of Allah SWT
6. Charity is an unbroken deed of reward
7. Charity will keep the balance between the poor and the rich
8. Charity will give muslims happiness
9. Charity is the way to keep human rights
10. Charity strengthens our communities and society
11. Charity prevent muslims from calamity
12. Charity prevent muslims from heart disease

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