Somalia Needs Your Help

Somalia Needs Your Help

Somalia is Starving

The people of Somalia are suffering from drought and famine on a huge scale. They desperately need food and water to make it through the day.

The humanitarian crisis is so bad that over 1 million people have been forced to leave their homes and everything that they own to walk in search of food and water. They end up in camps full of other desperate people, where they become vulnerable to diseases such as cholera.

Almost 3 million people are barely clinging on to life – they will starve to death unless we help them.

The prime minister of Somalia has stated that over 100 people have dies in 48 hours. Time is running out for millions more. Donate now before more die.

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Zakat Calculator

When you donate your Zakat to Penny Appeal, it has the power to change the lives of those who need it most.

Zakat is not just a fundamental pillar of Islam – it is also a revolutionary concept with the potential to ease the suffering of millions around the world. For those who have to pay Zakat, it is an obligation, but for the orphaned children, refugees, and people struck by tragedies, it’s the difference between life and death.


Zakat should be calculated and paid on any surplus wealth that you have owned for at least one lunar year. This includes:

  • Gold, silver, precious metal, including ornaments/jewellery containing gold/silver.
  • Stocks and shares.
  • Money you have lent to others.
  • Cash in bank accounts, committees or at home.
  • Any business stock.
  • Agricultural produce and livestock (cows, chickens, goats etc).
  • Pensions.
  • Property you own for investment purposes.

The easiest way to calculate your Zakat is to find out the monetary value of each type of wealth and then work out 2.5% of the total sum.

Penny Appeal ensures that 100% of your Zakat is used in the most transparent and effective ways. All our projects are Zakat compliant and target those most in need.

The following are some of the ways that we use your Zakat money.

  • Deliver food to famine-hit communities
  • Build water wells in drought-stricken villages
  • Send life-saving aid to displaced refugees
  • Rescue orphans from the streets
  • Care for the elderly
  • Provide healthcare and education
  • Help the blind to see again

Your Wealth or Net Assets can be summed up as the liquid assets you possess minus your short term liabilities.

Liquid assets are those that can be transformed into cash very easily. Short-term liabilities include your bills, rent, personal loans, and credit card debts. Most scholars agree that any mortgage that you may hold, should not be included in that calculation.

Here’s what should be included in your Assets:

  • Cash in the bank and at home
  • Cash saved for any special purposes e.g. wedding, hajj, car purchase, etc.
  • The value of Gold and Silver you own
  • The value of Shares at their market price
  • Money owed to you, which is highly likely to be repaid.
  • If you own a business, the balance sheet value of the Stock you possess.
  • If you own properties, any rental income that’s been saved.

The Nisab is the minimum amount of wealth a Muslim must possess before they become eligible to pay Zakat. This amount is often referred to as the Nisab threshold.


Gifts That Keep Giving

Gifts that give more

Most people immediately think about the physical benefits of giving charity – The improved health, access to education, increased income, and more but over the past decade, we’ve gotten to see some of the less expected ways zakat can change people’s lives. In addition to providing families with more time and job opportunities, giving zakat can also inspire pride, hope, and so much more.

Here are six feelings you can give when you choose to give your zakat with Penny Appeal Australia.

1. Dignity

Give the gift of dignity this Ramadan in the form of donating to our thirst relief program- which not only provides clean water for drinking but enough water so that women can bathe and take care of themselves and their children.


Women who are responsible for collecting water for their families have to make a choice. Should the water they collected today be given to their children? Should it be used to make dinner for their families who have been out working in the field all day? Most days, women have to sacrifice the chance to care for their own personal hygiene so that their families can have enough water.


Give the gift of happiness to a vulnerable orphaned child this Ramadan so that they know there’s someone out there that still cares therefore having a a reason to smile every single day.


One of the best parts about sponsoring an orphaned child is the remarkable progress shown in this child’s life afterward. We’ve seen entire communities being effected by a single sponsorship. It’s a ripple effect, which eventually sends waves throughout an entire community. For example, your sponsored child could finally get an education which could enable them to one day be business owner of some kind, employing others who may live in poverty, who may have children that they cannot afford to send to school or even feed. It all starts with $1. It all starts with you.

3. Hope

Give the gift of hope so community members can have the freedom to dream bigger and the means to make their dreams a reality.


We believe your zakat has the power to instill hope for a better future. Kids who used to miss class can now study English, Science, and Mathematics in hopes of becoming teachers and doctors. Women can now use their extra time to build and maintain vegetable gardens. And families can worry less about surviving and start looking forward to their future.

4. Pride 

Give the gift of pride this Ramadan so students can proudly serve as good examples to their fellow community members and represent the hope of tomorrow.


No Penny Appeal project is complete until we’ve also educated in a livelihoods project, helping them get back on their feet, earn an income and in-turn help others.

5. Safety

Give the gift of safety this Ramadan so the people we serve can receive rapid aid in crucial times of need. When an emergency happens, our teams are in immediate contact with local parties to identify the necessities required in order to deliver whats needed most. 



There’s no better time than the blessed month of Ramadan, a season all about giving, to truly take a step back and think about what you truly have the power of giving when you give.

This Ramadan, give so much more than a gift. Give happiness. Give hope. Give your Zakat today.

What is Zakat Al Fitr

Generosity is a value that can never be over emphasised more so in the society we live in today. Islam is very popular for teaching how to care for the less fortunate and the art of kindness. Zakat Al Fitr revolves around giving and taking care of the needy in the society after a period of fasting.

The History

Mohammad instructed all who profess to Islam to be kind and to give unconditionally. Two days before the end of Ramadan, just before the Eid Al Fitr prayers to break the fast, it is compulsory for all Islams to give to the needy.

Without bias to socio-economic status or age, it is compulsory for every single Muslim to donate to the poor before breaking the fast. The beauty of it is that every household gives equal quantities of what they have. From the very beginning, the culture of Zakat Al Fitr demanded that everyone should give four double handfuls of grain or food for this purpose. This quantity is given to each member of the household. It is the responsibility of the head of the household to ensure that the dues for each family member are catered for.

Specific persons are allowed by Islamic law to be beneficiaries of Zakat Al Fitr. These are the poor and the needy who cannot afford to feed themselves in the 24 hours after the fast, the travelers, debtors and the collectors of Zakat.

Current Trends

In the modern society, it is way easier to make monetary contributions as opposed to giving grain. For this reason, it is estimated that a contribution of about $ 7 per head in each household is sufficient. There is a number of Islamic organizations that take care of refugees and do so many social ventures for the good of the needy in the society Zakat Al Fitr {Fitrana} contributions can be made as donations towards the course of such organizations.

On the other hand, there are families that do things the traditional way, in that just before Eid Al Fitr, they fulfill their Zakat Al Fitr obligations by going out and sharing food with those who are in need. The essence of this practice is to affirm the purity of the fasting body.

Zakat Al Fitr is a practice that brings cohesion and bonding among people in society. It is a great practice that can bring a lot of cohesiveness among people in one society. The spirit of togetherness, kindness and appreciating everyone in society is the founding principle of Zakat Al Fitr. Needless to say, by caring this culture from one generation to the other, it obvious that love and unity will prevail in among the Islam community and in the world at large.

Zakat Al Fitr is a social venture that encourages charity and giving. One would assume the recipients of kindness are the biggest beneficiaries but in a real sense, those giving find peace within themselves. Peace is the greatest reward for a purified soul. What better way to bring the fasting period to a close than to give to the less fortunate in society. See more information about Qurban.

Gaza Emergency

Gaza Emergency

The UN has issued a warning of an imminent humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza due to escalating tensions and violence.

With Gaza constantly in the grip of a humanitarian crisis, the daily struggle for survival has become a continuous nightmare. Thousands of people – adults and children – lack access to basic necessities and over 100,000 people have been left homeless due to the continued conflict that’s overtaken their lives.

Scores of schools have been destroyed as well as life-saving hospitals, primary health facilities, untold amounts of valuable ambulances and more than 1,500 innocent children have been orphaned. 

We need you to help us deliver urgent aid such as medical supplies, food, water, shelter and more. Help Now.


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TRT World Visits Penny Appeal Australia School Caravan Project in Turkey

TRT World Visits Penny Appeal Australia School Caravan Project in Turkey

“What I love about the Caravan project is that it gives Syrian Refugees the chance to develop social skills and play and bond together with not only Turkish kids but also Syrian children, so that way they’re learning in Turkish and in English and playing games together.”

We had the privilege of showing the TRT world team around the grounds set up for Penny Appeal’s School Caravan Project for Syrian Refugees in Turkey, and it’s safe to say that the entire team instantly warmed to the children and were blown away by the difference and change YOU, our donors are helping make in the lives of children affected by conflict.

Set up to provide psycho-social support, the School Caravan Project provides basic education and psychological support whilst also allowing the children to engage with children that live locally, encouraging them to adapt to their new surroundings and embrace the country’s language and culture. Such support is crucial for daily life adaptation in Turkey.

By donating to Penny Appeal Australia’s OrphanKind fund, you can help continue this life-changing work. Your small change means the world to a Syrian Refugee child in Turkey – it means a safe space where they’re welcomed, not judged, loved and cared for. A place where they receive education, food and most importantly – support.

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