Zakat Al Mal Donation in Australia

Zakat (or Zakat-al-mal) is a Muslim tradition – those that have, give to those who have not. One of the five pillars of Islam, it’s a noble cause for every Muslim to donate part of their wealth (as calculated over the lunar year) to those who have no such wealth; to those in society who are struggling to eat; and to those who cannot feed their children.
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Think about the person who would be stuck in destitution without the assistance of your Zakat.

When you pay Zakat, you purify your wealth. Sharing your success with the less fortunate will reap more benefits than the physical cost. 

And for those who benefit from your Zakat donation, it can mean a world of difference. Your donation is delivered to those hit hardest by poverty. And in a world where the poor are increasingly marginalised, you can make a difference.

There are many options and causes for your Zakat and choosing where to pay Zakat can be a difficult choice. There are so many people suffering through no choice of their own. Many are stuck in generational poverty, without the tools to get themselves and their families to a place of security.

Many such people have no permanent address. No way to tell if there’ll be a healthy meal today. And worried about the nearby water supply poisoning their children.

Penny Appeal and Your Zakat (Zakat-al-mal)

These worries occur far too often. Millions of people suffer daily from the toxic effects of pollution, climate change and greed. There are no ladders from destitution without the assistance of NGOs and donations from those who have some – or even relative wealth.

And that’s why Penny Appeal Australia wants to help. We want to help deliver food, water and education to those in dire need of assistance. We want to deliver the men, women, elderly and children in poverty some relief from their survival worries. And your Zakat will help us do that. We also run various campaigns and appeals at Penny Appeal Australia that such as building a well in Islam, clean water charity Australia, and pay Kaffarah

Every Zakat donation made through Penny Appeal Australia helps us achieve the mission. Your Zakat has already helped millions of people in poverty – and, this year, we want to help more than ever before.

Your Zakat has already supported disabled individuals with mobility aids and helped establish income-generating projects for farmers to become self-sufficient. 

The cycle of poverty can be tackled by providing those in need with the tools to create a new life – and provide more stability for the generations to come.

How to pay Zakat al mal Donation Online?

Zakat al Mal is the third of the 5 pillars of Islam. It’s mandatory taxation on the wealth of every Muslim with means and is payable by those whose wealth has reached the equivalent of 1 Nisab of 24k gold (3oz/85g) or 1 Nisab of silver (21oz/612g). Though, in the modern day, gold and silver aren’t widely used. Therefore today’s equivalent cash value can be calculated online and used in place of the Nisab.

Zakat is calculated over the course of a year to ensure that the wealth is in excess of worldly needs. If the wealth remains at the end of the lunar year, 2.5% of the value is paid as Zakat al Mal.

This Islamic charity is intended to support those in the community who need assistance. Making your Zakat donation online is the best way to ensure your contribution is going towards an honourable organisation. Choosing to pay Zakat al Mal to an experienced Islamic charities Australia like Penny Appeal Australia will help ensure your zakat is used effectively and will make a real difference in someone’s life.

How Much Is Zakat al Mal?

The value of your Zakat depends on the value of your wealth. This payment is 2.5% of your economic value. It doesn’t refer only to the cash you hold. It also counts shares and investments as well as income or assets generated by – or used for – business. When you pay Zakat al Mal, you are purifying the whole of your assets, regardless of how they are presented.

Getting the true value of your Zakat is of vital importance. If you would like help calculating your Zakat, Penny Appeal Australia offers an easy-to-use calculator that will give you the answer before you make your Zakat donation online

Does Every Muslim Pay Zakat al Mal?

Those with less than 1 Nisab in economic value – or the financial equivalent – are exempt and need not pay Zakat al Mal.

Zakat is a mandatory taxation equal to a small segment of excess wealth. Organisations such as Penny Appeal Australia use your Zakat and Zakat Ramadan to support those who require help. As such, not every Muslim is expected to pay Zakat. The financial value of 1 Nisab is used to determine excess wealth. If that wealth isn’t required for necessities within 1 lunar year, it’s considered surplus and therefore taxable through Zakat. Besides Qurban and clean water charity Australia, wo also run different campaigns including Yemen donate, donate to Palestine, and donate to Lebanon

Where to Pay Zakat Online in Australia

By choosing to pay zakat online in Australia, you are choosing to sacrifice a little of what you have so that others may gain untold amounts. Not only will the recipients benefit now, but so will their children – and their children’s children.

As well as looking to the long-term, building up communities to become stronger, more stable and healthier over time, Penny Appeal Australia assists with immediate crises as they occur. Donate your Zakat or even donate for a child education here with us to deliver a glimmer of hope to those who need it most.

If you’re unsure what your Zakat is, we can help you through our Zakat calculator. If you would like to donate to those in poverty, please complete the form. Your Zakat and Qurban donation will be gratefully received and delivered to the communities that need it most.
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Water with purity, food with love. Zakat makes it possible.

Share your obligation today with Penny Appeal Australia. 

Your Zakat Donation Can END Poverty

Zakat Al-Mal or Zakah is an obligatory charitable payment and revolutionary concept that every Muslim must calculate and pay annually.

Usually paid in Ramadan, Penny Appeal Australia puts your Zakat to action within the poorest communities around the world, supporting those most in need, including the elderly, women and children, who are often hit hardest by poverty.

We work hard to ensure that your Zakat is helping us end the cycle of poverty through long-term sustainable projects and immediate emergency aid and poverty relief.

Your Zakat also helps prevent countless health problems in the future and saves lives. To date, we’ve put your zakat to action by providing mobility devices to support disabled individuals in poor communities and helping farmers and individuals become self-sufficient through income generation projects so families can provide for themselves, increase food security and create a positive ripple effect in their society – and it doesn’t end there.

Last year, YOUR Zakat helped us reach millions. Help us reach even more this year. Will you give Allah a Beautiful Loan this Ramadan?


Zakat donations are 2.5% of our total savings and wealth; this also includes assets such as gold, silver, precious minerals, property other than your home, pensions, shares and other investments.

It’s not always easy to figure out your exact Zakat, so we’ve made it easier with our Zakat Calculator!



All of your Zakat donations are used to implement 100% Zakat eligible projects that provide immediate relief and long-term sustainability.


Zakat funds are held in a dedicated interest-free bank account until they’re allocated to the project that they’ll be used to implement.

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We Can’t do it alone

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