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Small change, Big difference, that’s what it’s all about.

To be a force of good, equality and positive change

Team Orange

Penny Appeal is a movement of changemakers, champions for justice and equity. We’re one team that unites people from around the globe in support of our shared mission: To end need-based poverty by 2025!

In a little over six years, Team Orange has grown into an international family! Every day more join us as we work together to make sure no child is forgotten because their parents don’t have the resources needed to provide food security at home or quality education. We want to make sure these children can dream of a bigger, better & brighter future.

>600 Million
People in the world without access to clean water
>1.3 Billion
People living in extreme poverty
>32 Million
Children not receiving an education

Those numbers are big. Huge. And not in a good way. That’s where Penny Appeal Australia comes in. We’re here to offer you affordable and rewardable opportunities to participate in change. The chance to change someone’s life by providing them with access to clean water for as little as $1 a day. The chance to Feed Our World by paying $10 per meal. The chance to lift a child out of the cycle of poverty by supporting them with $1 a day.

Were not offering grand schemes and billion-dollar solutions. We’re offering you a chance to make a big difference with your small change because, with as little as $30 a month towards any of our projects, we know how to utilise it to help millions.

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