The Prophet, peace be upon him, told us that “the best gift a father can provide for their child is an education”

For millions of people around the developing world, poverty keeps access to a better life out of reach. Education, however, is the key that could change everything. Education would help them escape poverty – by giving them the chance of a better job – and the impact of this would carry on down through the generations.

You can ensure vulnerable children in Asia and Africa get the schooling they need and deserve through Education First.
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Penny Appeal is committed to breaking this cycle of poverty.

We want to ensure that all children receive a good education and that adults are taught to read and write too.




Not only do we send children to school but we also rehabilitate schools, offering an ideal environment to teach, inspire, encourage and nurture young minds. We provide everything a new school needs giving them all of the necessities required to provide quality teaching including:

Desks and chairs
A library
Text books
Play equipment
Fully trained teachers

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