PennyAppeal: Quenching the Thirst

Since its birth in 2009, Penny Appeal has evolved significantly: It has broadened horizons to solve a wider range of problems as well as taken on a more global responsibility to help. The charity has managed to rapidly increase its influence across the globe and is currently active in 30 different countries. The philosophy at the heart of Penny Appeal is to encourage donors to give anything they can with the sole desire of assisting those in need regardless of the amount of donation. “The Penny Appeal way of doing charity is simple – we take small change and make a BIG difference with it!”, reads their website. This philosophy is beautifully complimented by the vision of the organization, its infrastructure and mechanism which seems to have found a unique balance between long-term, self sustaining goals and immediate pain relief.

THIRST RELIEF: Provision of clean water

Thirst Relief is one such noble pursuit of the multicultural NGO which aims to provide safe water that can pass international health standards around the globe. Water is one of the most fundamental necessities for survival, yet 1 in 10 people across the world lack access to drinking water. Lack of feasible access to clean water has a massive effect on the quality of life of people. In agriculture based economies like Pakistan peoples’ livelihoods depend on water. Worse, though, that under desperate circumstances when farmers utilize unclean water, the crops get affected and diseases such as heavy metal poisoning spread across the country through the products created. Moreover, unsafe storage of dirty water can lead to waterborne diseases and lead to an increase in the population of insects such as mosquitoes that can cause malaria or dengue virus. Outbreaks of such diseases are not uncommon in 3rd world economies. Under these circumstances Penny Appeal has taken on the responsibility to provide access to this vital resource.

Penny Appeal’s Thirst Relief program allows you to donate to build a water well which would take care of the needs of the area. They offer you the ability to make the entire donation to establish the well at one time or spread the cost over a year through monthly payments. Additionally, it allows you to put a personalized plaque on the well that is built by your donation. Costs of well vary between different countries and regions depending on the geographical conditions of the area.

Moreover, Thirst Relief has been extremely active to respond to the crisis in Palestine. Through, this program you can help in financing a water tanker. The water tankers are used to deliver water to schools, orphanages, mosques and hospitals. The monetary support provided to Penny Appeal can be used by them to acquire more tankers and broaden the scope of their operations in Palestine.

Lastly, Thirst Relief aims to establish solar panel water and power plants to provide electricity as well as clean water for domestic consumption. A single plant can help more than a 1000 people. The NGO has been scoping for locations that would be suitable for this operation and has already started work in Pakistan.

To make a big difference through small change, visit the following website and donate. Your contribution can help save lives. http://www.pennyappeal.org/appeal/thirst-relief. Read more bout our other programs: Donate to Education & Support an Orphan. Don’t forget, donate your Qurban during this month.