Open Your Eyes

In developing countries, people with visual impairments are living in the dark, cut off from the rest of the world.

Yet simple eye checks, medicines or operations could restore their sight.

You can prevent and treat blindness by supporting our Open Your Eyes Mobile Clinic Camps and Eye Treatments.

Mobile Clinic Camps

Healthcare specialists use our Open Your Eyes ambulance to visit rural communities. They set up a clinic and carry out full eye checks and vision tests, providing glasses or medicines as required.

Eye Treatments

When they come across someone with more complex eye problems, our mobile ophthalmologists will refer people to the nearest hospital for further treatment or an operation.

Act now, before vulnerable children and adults are left in the dark for good.

The Prophet (saw) was reported to have said:
“Whoever relieves a hardship for a fellow Muslim, Allah will relieve them from a hardship on the Day of Judgement.”  [Sahih Muslim]