Prophetic Qurban – Share 2 Qurbans

Revive the Sunnah by donating an extra Qurban on behalf of yourself and another on behalf of those in our Ummah who cannot afford to fulfill their Qurban. Double your Qurban, double your reward!

Fresh not Frozen

We provide high-quality, locally sourced meat for your sacrifice

Shariah Compliant

We carefully choose your Qurban to ensure compliance with Shariah principles

Delivered on Eid

We ensure that your Qurban is delivered timely on the days of Eid.

Answer the Call: Share Your Qurban Blessings

Our Ummah is facing many challenges, Qurban serves as a profound reminder of the unwavering faith of Prophet Ibrahim in Allah SWT, even during the most testing times.

This year, as we navigate through the emergencies around the world, let us not forget the essence of sacrifice and compassion embedded within the Qurban tradition. By giving your Qurban through Penny Appeal Australia, you are not only honouring the legacy of Prophet Ibrahim but also extending a lifeline to our brothers and sisters in Palestine, Sudan, Myanmar, Somalia, Yemen and beyond.

Why Choose Penny Appeal Qurban?

Choose Penny Appeal for your Qurban donation and experience the assurance that every penny of your contribution is treated as a trust (ammanah). We prioritise Shariah compliance, ensuring that each sacrifice meets the weight and age requirements while adhering to proper sacrifice methods.

Our commitment to quality means sourcing locally and providing fresh and not frozen. Rest assured, your Qurban reaches its recipients promptly on the days of Eid. Make a meaningful impact with Penny Appeal Qurban.


What day will the Qurban be performed?

Your Qurbani will be carried out during the three days of Eid, specifically on the first, second, and third days. To ensure your offering reaches those in need, we encourage you to make your Qurbani contribution as early as possible, and certainly no later than Maghrib on the third day of Eid, which corresponds to the 13th of Dhul Hijjah. Your timely contribution will ensure that the blessings of this sacred act are shared widely and punctually.

Which countries will Penny Appeal Australia be distributing $149 Qurban?

Malawi, Chad, Niger, Myanmar and Pakistan.

What Is Crisis Countries Qurban?

Penny Appeal will be distributing Qurban in emergency zones in Lebanon, Syrian Refugees, Sudan, Turkiye, and Yemen.

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