Plant an Olive Tree

Sadaqah Jaariyah in the best form! Plant an olive tree in Palestine for as little as $30 and reap ongoing rewards!

Secure the livelihood of Palestinian farmers by planting An Olive tree for as little as $30.

An olive tree is a sustainable income to many struggling Palestinian farmers, helping these farmers plant an olive tree is more than just a gift, it’s a form of empowerment to Palestinians who have been struggling for a long time.

The distribution of Olive seedlings, saplings, and small trees helps farmers make a profit from the olive harvest. Farmers are provided with protection in the form of fencing and water networks to ensure the safety of the crop.

Our team ensures that the olive trees you donate are distributed to the most vulnerable families in Palestine. The Penny Appeal Australia team ensures to provide vulnerable farmers with healthy trees and grants them the support they need to plant the olive trees correctly. This allows you to witness immediate growth and fruit which means that as a donor you can quickly reap the rewards from your donations insh’Allah.

Help plant an Olive Tree today!

Gift an Olive tree

Provides the gift of one olive tree to Palestinian farmers
Provides three olive trees to struggling Palestinian farmers
Provides five olive trees to five struggling Palestinian families
We Can't Do It Alone.

We Can’t Do It Alone.

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