Paradise Seeds بذور الفردوس

Help Tareq raise funds to help vulnerable orphans and widows in Bangladesh. Plant a Seed Today for Your Paradise!

$2,348 RAISED – goal: $70,000

Brother Tareq is partnering with Penny Appeal Australia to fundraise for the vulnerable orphans and widows living in a small village in the district of Pabna in Bangladesh.

With the amount of uncertainty that is happening around the world, Tareq always believed that it is quite important that we ground ourselves and move steadily. 

After trying many techniques, Tareq found “Infaq” (Spending purely for Allah’s sake) to be the most helpful tool. Infaq – an Arabic word for “to spend.” The sense of spending without asking for any favour or without expecting anything in return.   

Plant a seed for your hereafter.

Help Tareq support 117 orphans and 80 Widows with sustainable livelihood projects.

A Little Goes a Long Way!

Even the smallest of donations can help us reach our “$70,000 Goal” insh’Allah!
Where most Needed!

The uncertainty that is happening around the world reminds me that I need to go to a power greater than myself, and support those in need. That has always paid back!


We feel humbled that Tareq has teamed with us to support this project and that he decided to participate and contribute to support raising funds for this community. In this project, we are raising funding to support 80 mothers to be taught new skills to be self-sufficient and to provide training programs in communication and IT Skills for 117 orphans and 60 vulnerable children.

We understand that supporting orphans doesn’t happen overnight and this is a way that brother Tareq wanted to offer long-term opportunities for people to support mothers and orphans. Until that time, Brother Tareq would like to start somewhere and would like to invite you to be part of it, too! 

Provide IT Programs

Give 177 vulnerable orphans and children a chance to learn IT skills. Your donation will empower them to learn and find job opportunities in the future. Sustainable prjects like these are the only way to help them break the viscious cycle of poverty!
Goes towards Education Programs

The funding will go towards:

  1. Teaching the mothers skills that will  support provide sustainable income over the upcoming period 
  2. Educating the orphans and supporting them  
  3. Trainers for the mothers and orphans 
  4. Transportation 
  5. Health visits to this remote site 

Thank you for taking a few minutes of your time to read through. You can donate using the link below.  Or if you have already donated to your favourite charity or program this month, please consider this project for your next one!

Empowerment Programs

Sewing Machines for Widows
Goes towards purchasing Laptops
Goes towards children’s Education

The Situation in Bangladesh Now.

Bangladesh is the most densely populated country in the world with a population of 161 million. Recently, Bangladesh has seen a massive influx of Rohingya refugees from Myanmar, with almost a million people fleeing across the border.  Penny Appeal Australia is launching an emergency operation to meet the needs of the families and children living in Pabna, Bangladesh. We are collecting URGENT funds to provide food, schooling and IT skills workshops to our brothers and sisters living there in the direst conditions.

40 million people in Bangladesh which is one-quarter of the population – remain food insecure, and 11 million suffer from acute hunger so help us send urgent food aid and conduct empowerment programs that will help lift these families and children out of the vicious cycle of poverty!

They Really Can’t Wait!

The oprhans and widows we are helping have no other means. They are facing famine, harsh environmental conditons and lack of tools (education, professional skills..) to lift themselves out of the terrible situations they live are living in. Your Donations are the only lifeline they have!
Where Most Needed!

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