Monsoon rains and flash flooding in Pakistan have taken the lives of more than 1000 people and tens of thousands of homes have been damaged or completely destroyed, leaving those affected in dire need of assistance.

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  • Devastating floods 
  • 1000+ have died, including over 300 children 
  • 33 million affected by floods 
  • Diseases are spreading fast  
  • A national emergency has been declared 

A third of the country is under water! They need our urgent help.  

Catastrophic floods continue to cause widespread destruction in Pakistan.  

In just minutes, dams, bridges, health centres, schools and thousands of homes were swept away.  

Entire communities are left homeless.  

One local official described them as “floods of biblical proportions”.  

Children bear the brunt. More than 3.4 million children are estimated to have been affected by this disaster. As diseases rapidly spread through communities, tragically, many children have developed waterborne diseases. 

One 12-year-old girl says she and her baby sister have not eaten in a day. “No food has come here. But my sister is sick, she has been vomiting, I hope they can help.” 

Twelve-year-old Pakistani Girl

What they urgently need

Penny Appeal Australia is on the ground (through our Partners) reaching the most vulnerable in Pakistan with life-saving support.

  • Access to Shelter 
  • Ground Sheets
  • Food  Packs
  • Hot Food  
  • Tarpaulins  

Currently, the team is focused on supporting flood victims and we are raising funds to help as many families and children as we can in flood-affected areas as well as those who have lost their homes and are without shelter. 

Your donations will be sent to the neediest families. 

Millions are relying on your donation to survive.  

We can’t do this without your help. Donate now!

They Need You Now!

They Need You Now!

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