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The effects of not having access to sanitary products or facing discrimination and stigma during menstruation can be seen in the statistics. According to UNESCO worldwide, more than 130 million girls are out-of-school because they don’t have enough menstrual hygiene supplies.

In Bangladesh, more than 70% of Rohingya refugees are women and children. Women do not have the infrastructure in these camps where they can express themselves openly. Many are subjected to Gender-Based Violence. This can affect their mental well-being, especially as many of them are victims of sexual assault. Women in refugee camps such as Cox’s Bazar often go to forests to maintain their menstruation hygiene practices which can expose them to disease and the danger of sexual assault.

The lack of feminine hygiene products and undergarments forces women to use unsafe materials, leading to infection and disease. Penny Appeal Australia has teamed up with Heba Shaheed, an esteemed women’s health and wellness advocate, to secure Dignity Kits providing women with the essentials they need to manage their hygiene and sanitation safely whilst ensuring comfort and security in a time of crisis.

We are supplying a variety of hygiene and sanitation products including sanitary towels, soap and underwear. Dignity kits consist of reusable sanitary towels, shampoo, bathing soap and other necessities.

These items ensure women in refugee camps are able to support their menstruation needs without the worry of infectious diseases. Reusable sanitary towels are not only environmentally-friendly, but will also remove the financial burdens of purchasing sanitary pads for the foreseeable future.

Help Restore Women’s Dignity and Well-being and End Period Poverty!

Can help support women with 9 months’ worth of sanitary products
Can help a teenage girl go back to school for an entire school year
Can provide a mother and her daughter with 9 months’ worth of sanitary products supply

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