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Your generous gift of $50/month can help support Aussies here, At Home! The Prophet (PBUH) said, “The neighbour that is the best to Allah is the one that is best to his neighbour.” (Bukhari)

many are in need of our help here, at home!

We want to help as many people around the world as we can. This includes those in our own communities, our neighbours here in Australia. We have carefully developed our At Home campaign to offer much-needed support to the most vulnerable in our community.

Our army of volunteers, Team Orange, are always working on new projects to give back to those most vulnerable in our community, here in Australia.

We have been providing food kitchens and food packs, as well as providing dignity packs for the homeless. This year we also focused on offering support events and counselling services to survivors of domestic violence as well as providing assistance to single mums as we feel this can make a big impact.

With your support, we can lend a helping hand to our neighbours.

The Prophet (PBUH) said, “Gabriel did not stop instructing me to treat neighbours well until I thought he would make them my heirs.” (Muslim)

Recently we held a High Tea event for single mothers, widows and sisters who are new to Islam to offer them a day of pampering, spiritual talks and sisterhood connections. We had Sister Dalya Ayoub and Sister Jahida El-Assaad who offered inspirational talks to the sisters. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and the sisters felt so special on the day Alhamdulillah! You can watch the full event below.

We Can't do it Alone!

We Can’t do it Alone!

If you would like to see us conduct more initiatives like this, please donate below!
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